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Neil Medler (Capt/Att)

In his second spell with the club, after 2 successful seasons with WilliamsF1. Medler prefers to play an attacking role, and is also in charge of running the team after previous club captain Day opted for life by the sea.

Lenny Harris(GK)

Again, in his second spell with the Hurricanes, Lenny 'Safehands' Harris plays an integral part of the UHFC team structure. A great shot-stopper, the Hurricanes struggle when Harris is ruled out.


Dan Marshall (Def)

Another Ultimate Hurricanes stalwart, Marshall has been through thick and thin with the club he adores. Defensively minded Marshall also played for WilliamsF1, taking them to the Semi-Finals of the Red Bull tournament in 2006.

Adrian Defendi (Mid)

Defendi is one of this seasons new signings, brought in for his link-up play. Looking to impress this season and take UHFC to new heights.


Rob Stewart (Mid)

Rob Stewart was the first newcomer to be signed by Medler and has impressed so far. Prefers a defensive role.


Jack O'Byrne (Def)

A tricky winger, O'Byrne will have defenders falling on their asses trying to get the ball off Jack. His awareness is a great asset to the team.


James Fox (Mid)

The final of the Ultimate Hurricanes originals, Foxy has seen the good & bad times. Had brief spells with IBM and WilliamsF1, but saw the light to make a return to the club he feels is home. A defensive midfielder, which showed in the first game where he could hit a cow's backside with a banjo.


Matthew O'Gorman (Att)

Signed on the advice of Marshall, O'Gorman has impressed in training, showing he has an awesome shot on him. UHFC will be looking for him to challenge the top scorers.


James Idle (Def)

Idle forms the backbone of the defence, with his no-nonsense attitude and hard-work. Another one of Marshall's tip-offs and is fast becoming a fan's favourite.


Nick Bessent (Mid)

Bessent is another defensively minded midfielder, who does things with minimum fuss. The textbook efficient player.

'Storm-Time is coming to you today!'

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